Get Started Right Away With Pre-Authored Voicelets

Begin voice-based learning in minutes using any Amazon Alexa enabled device or mobile app! Numerous educator-innovators have used Voicelets, and now their contributions have helped to create Pre-Authored Voicelets…the first database of voice-based educational experiences for students of nearly any age or area of study – including professional development! Each Pre-Authored Voicelet reflects standard academic curriculum used by educators everywhere.

  1. Enable Voicelets on your Alexa device, click here (if you do not have an Alexa, download the FREE Alexa app to your iOS or Android device)
  2. Say "Alexa, open Voicelets" and speak the four-digit Voicelet ID (“XXXX") when prompted

Select Pre-Authored Voicelets

Just click a checkbox to view and sort Voicelets

Helpful Hints for Learners

  • Voice based Learning is different than other methods of studying. Take your time and concentrate. Listen and think before responding. Enunciate your answers. It may help to have paper and pencil ready to take quick notes while you engage the experience.
  • You can ask Alexa to “repeat” a question, “pause” the experience for 30 seconds, or “stop” entirely. Just use those words at any time.
  • When an experience is stopped, progress is automatically saved. The next time you “open Voicelets,” you will be presented with the option to pick up where you left off.
  • It is possible to slow the rate of speed in which Alexa delivers audible content. Simply say, "Alexa, speak slower," or "Alexa, speak faster" to adjust Alexa's speech to the preferred pace. To reset Alexa's speaking rate, simply say, "Alexa, speak at your default rate".
  • Learners may use any Voicelet whenever they wish, and as often as they like. All questions and answers are scrambled each time a Voicelet is launched so Learners cannot memorize the sequence of any quiz - only the content to be learned.
  • Voicelets are auditory experiences, but if used with any screen-based device including the Alexa mobile app, Amazon Echo Show, or Firestick TV, the Learner will be able to SEE the questions and answers on screen during the auditory presentation. This may help make the quiz experience a little easier or accessible for some Learners.

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice quizzes have three possible answers per question. To ensure acceptance, say the number corresponding to the correct answer only after all answer choices are provided. You can say the word answer, or the number-word answer combo as well.

Flash Cards

Flash cards

Flash Card quizzes are most challenging but also the most effective for learning. It is assumed that Learners will have familiarity with the subject matter before using the quiz. Expected answers are often single-words, however some two-word or even three-word answers may be required. Important Note: if you get stuck on a question, you may say “Hint” and additional information leading you to the correct answer will be supplied.


Listening Comprehension

Listening Comprehension quizzes deliver auditory content followed by multiple choice questions about the content delivered. Have paper and pencil ready for brief note taking during the listening portion.