Auditory Learning Experiences That You Create...

Voicelets helps Educators, Parents, Students, and Schools tap the power of voice assistants to increase engagement and improve learning.


Listen. Learn.

The act of LISTENING and SPEAKING helps students to improve LEARNING.


Customize your Content! Create your own educational voice experiences for all, many, or just a few of your students. Voicelets have been used effectively in-class or in small settings, but is most effective as a homework option in support of pre-exam/test/quiz preparation, or as an assisted study aid.


Support your Student! Overcome homework resistence or online learning fatigue with a fun, engaging, voice-based educational tool. Create simple, yet highly-effective auditory flash cards or quizzes for use with any Alexa device. Voicelets is highly-effective if your child is an auditory learner, possesses a visual impairment, is home schooled, or has an ailment requiring longer-term care.


Learn by Listening! Prepare for tests and exams without opening a textbook, laptop, or a tablet. Memorize and retain key facts, important dates, vocabulary terms and definitions related to any class or subject. Create your own Voicelets to share with friends or for yourself to study hands-free and on-the-go. An Alexa device is not required. Use them any time with the FREE mobile app.


Control your Curriculum! Enhance existing curriculum, engage students with voice-based projects, support students with unique learning needs, and become an early adopter of innovative learning technology - all within a private and controlled setting for your own students and teachers.

See How It Works.

How it Works

Voicelets is fast, customizable, and requires NO coding!

To Create


Select a format, name your Voicelet, and questions one-at-a-time, or bulk upload


Generate a unique Voicelet ID and share with students or colleagues!


Analyze the usage of your Voicelets and the performance of your learners

To Use


Login to the Alexa app or website, locate Voicelets, and tap enable (One-time only)


Simply say “Alexa, launch Voicelets” and provide Voicelets ID (given to you by a creator)


Use Voicelets as often as necessary at home, alone or with friends, or while on-the-go!

To enable Voicelets on your Alexa, click HERE.

What is a Voicelet?

A Voicelet is a fun and engaging voice-based quiz or study aid created by a teacher, parent, or friend, and used by a learner on any Alexa-enabled device (or mobile phone). Pre-built and based on common quiz formats, all Voicelets have been tested and optimized by real Educators and Learners of all grades and abilities. Select from among the following:

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

True False


Flash Cards

Flash cards


Vocabulary Spelling Review


Listening Comprehension



Name your Voicelet and add, edit or change content at any time


Speed the creation or use quizzes already created by uploading in bulk using our provided templates


Duplicate a Voicelet to modify yourself or to share with another creator


Download your Voicelet to preserve content or to provide students with a visual guide


Grant access to others to add, edit, or delete questions while retaining control over publishing and status

Private Voicelets

Set any Voicelet you create to Private mode and assign only specific users the permission to access it


Set date and time ranges for any Private Voicelet to be active


Track the use and performance of your Voicelets including question level and user level analyses

Why Voice-Based Learning?

An engaging call-and-response process can shift typical studying from a Passive experience to an Active experience, and Active Learning is the key to memorization and understanding. Students quickly improve their retention of key facts, definitions, dates, and vocabulary across a wide range of core subjects. Digital Voice harnesses all the benefits of EdTech such as 24/7 availability, unlimited use, and performance measurement, while shedding nearly all of the digital drawbacks:

No Screens

Engage students without adding screen time to a student's digital diet


Use Alexa-enabled devices or FREE mobile app, not expensive tablets, laptops, or goggles


Learn "on-the-go" or "hands-free" without opening a book, folder, or laptop


Support atypical “auditory learners” seeking to excel within typical classrooms

Simple. Fun.
Free to try.



60 Days

  • Simple & FREE!
  • For Beginners
  • Create 2 unique Voicelets
  • Choose from 3 formats
  • Duplicate and share
  • Basic analytics
  • Unlimited for 60 days
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Per Month

  • Best for education programs
  • Create 10 unique Voicelets
  • All formats available
  • Collaborate with others
  • Private mode protection
  • Schedule availability
  • Student-level analytics
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